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29 May

Fiumicino with children: activities and fun for the whole family

Fiumicino, with its prime seaside location and proximity to Rome, is an ideal destination for families seeking adventure, relaxation, and fun. Starting from our B&B just a few kilometers from Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, you can reach several attractions in the area.

If you have chosen to stay with us at the Rome Airport Inn, stop by the reception or call us from your room. We can help you choose from various activities suitable for adults and children, and book the experience you prefer.

Here are some suggestions for spending a day with your family in and around Fiumicino.

The beaches of Fiumicino: from free beaches to equipped beach resorts

The beaches of Fiumicino are perfect for enjoying the sun with your children. The wide stretches of sand and shallow waters make the sea safe even for the little ones, who will have fun playing among the dunes. Along the entire coast, from Fregene to Focene, from Passoscuro to Maccarese, there are free beaches, beach resorts, and equipped lidos. There is truly an abundance of choices.

If you don’t have the possibility to move around or have limited time but still want to go to the beach, you can take advantage of a reserved spot for our guests at the La Bussola beach resort. You will have access to a large umbrella and comfortable sunbeds to enjoy the beach in total relaxation.

fiumicino with children activities fun for the whole family rome airport inn b&b guesthouse near the airport

You can take advantage of a reserved spot for our guests at the La Bussola beach resort

Walks and Bike Rides with children

For those who love to move on two wheels, feeling the wind in their hair, Fiumicino has many surprises in store. The city is crisscrossed by an extensive network of safe and easy cycle-pedestrian paths, allowing you to discover the many treasures of our area.

Starting from Ponte 2 Giugno, you can pedal along the docks of the port, admire the buildings of Borgo Valadier overlooking the river, stop for a moment to visit the large church of Santa Maria Porto della Salute, and then continue to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea.

You can ride along the waterfront of Isola Sacra, between the Darsena and the Old Lighthouse, now abandoned.

With a bit of caution, you can take the Portuense to reach the fascinating Archaeological Park of the Imperial Ports of Claudius and Trajan.

You can immerse yourself in a journey through history and nature along the Regina Ciclarum, the bike path that follows the course of the Tiber River, stopping along the way to marvel at the great Episcopio of Porto or to enjoy a treasure hunt with the children, competing to find an old stele commemorating the Garibaldini who perished in a shipwreck in 1898 among the vegetation growing along the riverbank.

If you’re interested in a bike excursion, you can rent your e-bike directly at the Rome Airport Inn and move around in complete freedom. The facility has two electric bikes equipped with every comfort. By accessing the Unicorn Mobility app, you can unlock a range of in-app services, such as online GPS navigation and suggestions for routes and places to visit nearby based on your riding style.

fiumicino with children activities fun for the whole family rome airport inn guesthouse near airport

You can rent your e-bike directly at the Rome Airport Inn and move around in complete freedom

Adrenaline and fun at Fregene Adventure Park

Fregene Adventure Park is the ideal destination for those seeking thrills and outdoor fun. Located a few kilometers from Fiumicino, this park offers a wide variety of suspended routes among the trees, zip lines, and Tibetan bridges that will test the courage and skills of both young and old. The routes are designed for different age groups and difficulty levels: equipped with a helmet and harness, children can start with simpler courses, while teenagers and adults can take on more challenging ones in the shade of the large pine forest, where there is also a picnic area.

For those who prefer to stay on the ground, the Park offers a wide range of activities, from the educational farm where the little ones can meet many animals, to archery, mini-golf, and paintball challenges. There is even the possibility of participating in an outdoor escape room.

Fregene Adventure Park is open every day from 10:00 AM to sunset.

For more information:  Fregene Adventure Park

Little Explorers at Ostia Antica and the Castle of Julius II

If you are passing through Fiumicino to visit the Capital or to catch a flight home, why not take the children to explore the ruins of Ostia Antica?

The large archaeological park that houses the remains of this ancient city offers an educational adventure for the little ones. Like young explorers, they can walk on the smooth stones worn by time, among temples and theaters, taverns and baths, imagining what it was like to live in such a distant era.

The grandeur of the mosaics and well-preserved structures captures children’s imaginations, making history tangible and fascinating.

Not far from the archaeological area is the small medieval village of Ostia Antica, dominated by the Castle of Julius II. This splendid manor, with its imposing walls and towers, invites young visitors to discover medieval secrets. Guided by the castle manager, architect Giulia Breccolotti, you can explore the rooms, climb the ramparts, and enjoy a panoramic view that encompasses the entire archaeological site.

For information on visiting the archaeological area of Ostia Antica:  Archaeological Park of Ostia antica (beniculturali.it)

For information on guided tours of the Castle of Julius II: Julius II Castle and Ostia antica Hamlet – Julius II Castle and Ostia antica Hamlet – Archaeological Sites and Monuments – Archaeological Park of Ostia antica (beniculturali.it)

Birdwatching at the LIPU Mediterranean Habitat Center and the Porto Oasis

If you love spending time outdoors, a must-see during your stay in Fiumicino is the LIPU Mediterranean Habitat Center. Located near the tourist port of Ostia, this place is a true paradise for birdwatchers. This magnificent biodiversity hotspot, spanning over 20 hectares of wetlands and woods, offers refuge to numerous bird species, some of which are rare and protected. Equipped with binoculars, delve into the lush aquatic vegetation to observe herons, warblers, robins, mallards, swans, kingfishers, and many other birds that fill the lagoon every season just a stone’s throw from the coast.

The center offers several specially equipped observation points and educational paths that make the experience accessible and instructive for the whole family. Birdwatching at the LIPU Mediterranean Habitat Center is not only a relaxing and engaging activity but also an opportunity to raise awareness among young and old about the importance of wildlife conservation and natural ecosystems.

The visitor center is open on Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. On Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm, there is free access to the oasis, while guided tours are available every day of the week by reservation.

For more information on the LIPU Mediterranean Habitat Center:

Your children will also be fascinated by visiting the extraordinary Porto Oasis, an unspoiled natural reserve that extends along the banks of what was once Emperor Trajan’s Port.


Oasis of Porto

Video Games and Bowling at The Wow Side Shopping Center – Former Parco Leonardo

And if it rains and the parks are closed? No problem!

Our guest house is a short distance from The Wow Side Shopping Center, Fiumicino’s shopping center (formerly Parco Leonardo), which, in addition to numerous shops and restaurants, also hosts a multiplex cinema, a large arcade with several bowling lanes, and even a space where you can enjoy immersive video game experiences thanks to augmented reality.

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