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i percorsi di ieri e i percorsi di oggi
canale porto fiumicino pescherecci
5 Dec

Eating in Fiumicino. Discovering the authentic flavors of the area

The territory of Fiumicino is extraordinary, rich in charm and taste. It’s worth spending a few days in the city to immerse yourself not only in the waters of the sea but also in the authentic flavors of local cuisine.

With this small guide, we would like to take you on a journey to discover the typical products of our area and the restaurants where you can taste traditional and gourmet dishes, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of wine.

In the end, you will also find some suggestions on where to eat typical Roman dishes and where to find excellent Neapolitan pizza in the vicinity of our Guest House.

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family, you will surely find a restaurant that everyone agrees on.

If you stay with us, you can ask us to reserve a table in your name for lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants. We will be happy to make your stay even more comfortable.

Eating Fish in Fiumicino: Specialties and Restaurants to Find Them in Our Area

An enogastronomic tour of Fiumicino cannot help but start with the excellence of this city, caressed by the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea: fresh fish. Every afternoon (except Saturday and Sunday), strolling along the pier, you can witness the return of fishing boats, followed by seagulls in flight. They set out at midnight to reach the open sea and lower the nets for trawling. The stretch of coastline affected by this activity extends from Capo Circeo to Capo Dinaro, an area of about 160 kilometers, populated by dozens of different species of crustaceans, mollusks, and fish that deposit their eggs in these depths: mussels, clams, razor clams, sea bream, sea bass, dentex, red mullet, hake, langoustines, cuttlefish, prawns…


canale porto fiumicino pescherecci


The day’s catch is brought directly to the Fish Auction of Fiumicino. This is where the sale takes place, with bidding to secure the most prized fish. Until June 3, 2014, the auction took place using the traditional method, orally, with the obligation for the buyer to purchase the entire catch from a single boat. Today, the electronic method is used, and the fish is sold by the crate. This also allows small businesses, such as local restaurants, to participate and secure excellent fish to bring to the tables of the city.

Among them, we want to highlight two restaurants not far from the Rome Airport Inn, easily reachable on foot, with a pleasant walk of a few minutes: Sfizi di Mare and Malvasia.

Sfizi di Mare, in Via delle Meduse, offers a varied menu with fish specialties for all tastes. It ranges from abundant seafood appetizers to first courses, where traditional flavors are renewed through refined pairings that enhance the taste, to the wide choice of main courses. In the menu, you can also find the seafood risotto, a classic of maritime cuisine that has recently been included among the products that can boast the De.Co. (Municipal Designation of Origin) label, linked to the territory of Fiumicino.

At Sfizi di Mare, you can discover authentic flavors of the region in an intimate and warm setting.

If you stay with us at Rome Airport Inn, you can also take advantage of a 10% discount at the checkout.

Just communicate this at the cashier!


dove mangiare pesce a fiumicino sfizi di mare - rome airport inn b&b fiumicino

A dish from Sfizi di Mare’s menu – photo by Tripadvisor 


Sitting at the tables of Malvasia, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a ferry to cross the Strait of Messina. Chef Daniela Manfredi, the owner of the restaurant, brings Sicily to the plate, using the fish from the Fiumicino area. The result is a real sensory journey, with tasty appetizers like saffron-battered shrimp or fried trinacria of phyllo dough, tuma, and anchovies with pistachio honey, first and second courses of Sicilian tradition, prepared with excellent daily catch.


dove mangiare pesce a fiumicino malvasia - rome airport inn B&b guest house fiumicino

Seafood specialties of the Malvasia restaurant – photo by Tripadvisor

If you’re not in a hurry, we recommend heading towards the seafront to reach the Hostaria di Mare Le Brocchette, an excellent establishment, among our favorites when we want to indulge in an evening of good food.

In the kitchen there is Chef Carmine Carli, who carefully selects raw materials every day, choosing the best local fish to create his high-level creative cuisine. The various dishes on the menu, which changes according to the season and the chef’s inspiration, a lover of experiments in the kitchen and bold combinations, can also be accompanied and enriched by caviar, to be enjoyed alone or paired with champagne.

dove mangiare pesce a fiumicino le brocchette - rome airport inn b&b guest house fiumicino

Seafood specialties of the Hostaria Le Brocchette – foto da Tripadvisor


Typical Roman Cuisine in Fiumicino: A Must-Visit Stop at Osteria Der Pajata

On the Roman coastline, seafood specialties abound. However, in Fiumicino, you don’t only smell (and taste) the sea. Rome is just a few kilometers away, a half-hour drive, traffic permitting. So, it’s not unusual to seek a bit of Roman tradition here on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

To enjoy an excellent carbonara or a properly made cacio e pepe, there’s no need to venture into the heart of the Eternal City. The address you need to remember is this: Via del Faro 234.

A few hundred meters from the Rome Airport Inn, the doors of Osteria Der Pajata open—an authentic Roman tavern where you enter hungry and leave satisfied, thanks to the genuine homemade cuisine and more than ample portions.

Eating Pizza in Fiumicino

And if the folks want to taste a good pizza? No problem! Just stop by Il Gatto e La Volpe (Via delle Lampare 2B), a piece of Naples in the heart of Fiumicino, where pizzas are baked strictly according to the ancient Campanian recipe. True to tradition, the pizza chef uses only Agerola Fiordilatte for toppings.

Dining in Fiumicino with a Canal View

If you’re looking for a culinary experience that combines the pleasure of good food with the comfort of an elegant and suggestive environment, you should definitely try the cuisine at Cielo, one of the most sought-after restaurants in Fiumicino, located at Via di Torre Clementina 154.

In this modern and refined establishment, furnished in a mix of Victorian and industrial styles, you’ll have a gastronomic experience at a high level thanks to the freshest and top-quality ingredients, prepared with all the care and attention reserved for truly good things.

The menu offers a plethora of dishes: crudités, fried foods, grilled meat and fish, pizza, just to name a few.

Just reading about them makes you want to come back to try a different dish every time.

In addition to the spacious halls, Cielo also has a panoramic terrace overlooking the canal, perfect for a relaxing aperitif or a sunset dinner, with a gaze enchanted by the last gleams of the sun on the water.

cenare con vista a fiumicino cielo - rome airport inn b&b guest house fiumicino

One of the rooms at the Cielo restaurant – photo by TheFork


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